Reeves for WV

Hello!  I'm Alyson Reeves, and I am running for the West Virginia House of Delegates, for District 89.

Hampshire County is a wonderful place, and I'm fortunate to have found a beautiful farm with amazing views, and productive hay fields separated by old growth forest. I have also found a home among people who care about people and the planet--the Hampshire County Democrats!

I am a retired mathematician/computer science researcher with a love of dogs, nature, and ‘real’ food. I have a penchant for doing more with less; I am an efficiency expert, and I enjoy applying that talent to every problem I encounter.

Why am I running for the House of Delegates?

1) Darren Thorne, the current Delegate, does not represent our District particularly well.

2) The Legislature in West Virginia as a whole has been focused on issues other than what should be their focus: improving ALL West Virginians’ quality of life so that people will want to move here (rather than needing to be paid to do so).

Some of you may have read my columns and/or letters to the editor in the Hampshire Review.  If so, you know my viewpoints.  You also know I research everything I write meticulously.  As your representative in the House of Delegates, I will concentrate on facts, not gut feelings, and not hearsay. I will be laser focused on ensuring every action I vote for would improve lives, and none would help one group of people at the ultimate expense of another.  See my legislative litmus test for more details.

I have four areas of particular interest.  Alphabetically, they are: economy, education, environment, and equityWhile each is intertwined with the other three, I feel education is the most important.  Additionally, I believe that other issues the legislature faces should be viewed from these viewpoints.